About Us

Bitwealth Systems Ltd is an indigenous company with over ten years of experience as private service providers with a strong client base across all tiers of government, agencies and the private sector. We work with the best known equipment and gadgets manufacturers around the world alongside a team of highly trained and skilled personnel.

We are resource persons in training and supplier of choice in GPS, CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL, SYSTEMS/GADGETS, HIGH RISK MANAGEMENT, CORPORATE , etc through superior product and service excellence.

We Are Strong Advocate That Law Enforcement Agents Are Equipped With The Latest and reliable State-Of-The Art Equipment In Order To Carry Out Both Preventive and Pro-Active Law Enforcement, and Order.

At full solutions limited you will find state-of-the arts and surveillance equipments of all grades and make, ranging from latest, cost effective and reliable surveillance equipments, walk through doors, Detectors, frequency jammers, body amours' and lots more..

In Challenging And Complex Cases, We Offer Professional Pre- Sales/Installations Assistance And Advice To Help Customers Get The Best And Achieve Maximum Result.