Bitwealth Sales Manager

#1 Sales Management Software for Every Business Owner.

Bitwealth Sales Manager is an easy-to-use sales management software that serves as a tool you can use to enforce internal control for your business and prevents leaks in your revenue by recording, tracking and managing every sale. Suitable for Shops, Pharmacy, Boutiques, Restaurants, Business owners and for everyone selling anything.

What Bitwealth Sales Manager
can do for your business
1   Record, Monitor and Manage your Sales
2   Print Receipts for your Customers (POS or Deskjet Printers)
3   Manage Items Inventory and Stock
4   Generate Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Sales Report
5   Supports Multiple Admins and Multiple Seller's Accounts
6   Multi-Currency Supports.
7   Database Backup and Restore
8   Software installation supports connection to unlimited number of computers
System Requirement
Software Runs on 64 bits Windows 10 and on 32 Bits Windows 10

For this software to work seamlessly, you must first download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable x86.

Click here to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015

Call +2348060825429 If you need help or support with installation

Cost & Pricing

Call +234 80 60825429 or send us email to
A custom web hosted (Online version) of this software is available at 100,000 Naira initial cost, (With subsequent yearly cost of 50,000 Naira)
Shop Management Only

30,000 ₦ (ex VAT)*
Suitable for managing your shop.
* Software Copy License.
* Free installation and Training

Start a 14 days free Trial

Shop & Store Management

50,000 ₦ (ex VAT)*
Suitable for managing both shop and store.
* Software Copy License.
* Free installation and Training

Start a 14 days free Trial

Experience the power of smart accounting that keeps you growing in Business
Simply install, monitor and grow your sales

We have developed and deployed our Inventory and Sales Management Software for a Hotel in Sokoto State - Nigeria. We...

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