HTML5 Website Design

Introductory Course Video

HTML5 Website Design

Location Online
Category Entry Level & Professionals
Duration 2 Weeks
Start Date After enrollment
End Date Self-paced
Delivery Website, Videos & Slides

5,000 NGN

What this Course Offers

We can't wait to have you join this class, here is an overview of what this course offers.


Do you want to learn how to build your own websites or learn how to build websites for organizations? The journey to becoming a professional website designer begins with learning HTML, (Hyper Text Markup Language) and here is why we are bringing you this amazing offer to enroll for a self-paced 2-weeks online HTML5 website design course which will start your journey to becoming an experienced website designer.

This HTML5 website design training covers all the fundamentals of HTML5 step-by-step. We will start with learning the basics. We will also explore some advanced features of HTML5. To better understand the concept of HTML5, each chapter of this course provides useful tips and real-world examples.

This course is primarily designed for beginners and for those without prior knowledge of website design. For aspiring IT Professionals, for kids above the age of 6 years and for anyone in other fields of study who want to take a refresher course in website design.

We invite you to grab this amazing opportunity and enroll for this course today or register someone that might be interested and you will be glad you did.


There is so much to gain when you enroll for this course.
Some of the benefits include:

1. Class flexibility, it's a self-paced online course taken at your convenience.

2. Opportunity to develop and enhance your website design skills and to build a career in IT

3. Free access to course videos and to course e-book on HTML5

4. A free printable certificate of completion

5. A capstone project at the end of the course to help you perfect professional website design.


Here is a list of some fun and exciting topics we have prepared for you:

1 Introduction to HTML5
2 Components of HTML document
3 HTML5 Attribute
4 HTML Headings
5 HTML5 Text Formatting
6 HTML5 Links
7 HTML5 Colors
8 HTML5 Images
9 HTML5 Lists
10 HTML5 tables
Register for this course to view more topics.

Earn a Printable Certificate

You will be awarded a printable certificate at the end of this course

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